Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spotlight on Shopaholic Chick

This is one industrious girl! Here's her story . .

My store is an odd collection of things I like and things my friends liked and asked me to make for them.  I am a bit of a perfectionist so if they asked for something I would make 5-10 versions of what they asked for - and it would become a section in my shop - and sometimes a whole new shop!!  My "B is for Birds" shop started because my friends 2 yr old son was in love with flamingos and she could not find him a boy t-shirt with a flamingo - so I made a shop starting with them - it just exploded from there!

My stores:  

shopaholicchick - I love this because i think the environment is very imporant and reusable grocery bags and shopping bags are great for the planet! Live Green Bag
Graduation Station - I love this card it has an old man on the front with his diploma and say on the front "I heard you were graduating and I just wanted to say..." and inside it has "took you long enough!" - it is funny for someone who has been studying a long time to finish their degree - or decided to go back to school after retirement 
Old Graduate card
Old Graduate by GraduationStation
cards made online at zazzle
Binderific - this pretty yellow and white binder is perfect for a baby book.  available in all 3 binder sizes the front is customizable with the baby's first photo between the baby foot prints below that is the baby's name, the baby's initials will be placed down the spine, with the date of birth on the back.  it is so simple and pretty i just love it! Baby Book Yellow
KiKi Kitty - I love all my kiki kitty designs - but these shoes are just so punk and cute all at the same time 
Edibility - this pizza party card is my favorite - because - well - everyone loves a pizza party! Pizza Card
Peace People - I love all my peace people they are all hand drawn - and this poster shows them all and can be turned any way you want on your wall or placed flat on a table top 
Peace People print
Peace People by PeacePeople
Other posters from Zazzle
Same Sex Marriage - this old biracial same sex couple is so adoarble holding hands - showing everyone that you are never too old to be married - and spend your life with your true love Interracial gay couple t-shirt

Triple Goddess - i love the idea of the triple goddess, the 3 cycles of a woman's life maiden, mother and crone - and this is my take on that idea 
Anime Nation - Chiyemi looks like she is coming right out of the cup Chiyemi Mug
What If... - I have a degree in History and everyone who has every taken a college course on WWII or modern German history has asked themselves - what if Hitler got into art school? 
Occupation Station - i love every design in this shop so i randomly choose this girl who shows girls can do anything boys can do http://www.zazzle.com/occupationstation/gifts?cg=196242703646983068
Chasing the Gnome - my favorite is my kissing roses card - it is so simple and elegant 
Lovers Roses card
Lovers Roses by chasingthegnome
Create a notecard online at zazzle.com
Left Handed Cards - i love this one - it is upside down because that way it opens for a lefty - it reads "'cuz lefties never do it right" and inside it says "congratulations" Cuz lefties never do it right card
Thats My Baby - this cute little high chair is just adorable for baby first birthday cards 
B is for Birds - the wacky little bird just makes me smile - perfect for a morning coffee 
You know your a Zazzler when you tell someone "i can't... i have to finish this design for my store"

1 good piece of advice for new Zazzler's:
Read the forums - and check out my pages of free advise tips & tricks i have collected and put together http://www.shopaholicchick.com/zazzletutor/index.html

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