Monday, March 29, 2010

Spotlight on 'michelewebber'

Hi, my name is Michele, and I am an English watercolour artist and tutor. I opened a store on Zazzle foremost as a way of marketing prints, and images where I had already sold the original artwork. I have found it to be great fun putting images on lots of products, and although my store is very new, have had a couple of small sales. Product adding goes slowly, as my life and work keep me so busy. This is one of my most popular paintings, I sold the original in December 2009, it was bought as a Christmas gift, which is a lovely thought. It's a real English coastal scene: Beach Huts, Southwold

"You know you're a Zazzler when you no longer watch tv in the evenings because you are too busy adding products!"

Best advice to new Zazzler's: check out the pro-sellers to see how they do it.

Please see her store michelewebber at Zazzle. Here's one of my favorites:

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