Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Zazzle Tips for a profitable store!

Set up shop on Facebook and Twitter

Whether or not you use these social networking sites for personal purposes, open a separate account to promote your Zazzle store. Think hard about your Facebook page name, as it is one of the most important ranking factors, and you cannot change it. If you have a certain design niche, try to include a keyword phrase in your page name (as in SellerSuzy Wedding Invitations). Also, be sure to incorporate your store URL as well as your top keywords in the info section. Same goes for your username and bio on Twitter. Once you've made your pages, make sure to share the links widely to friends and family, on your blogs and other websites.
Create your Facebook page and become a Fan of Zazzle.
Join Twitter and follow us.
Other great social networking sites that you may want to check out are LinkedIn, Squidoo, and Kaboodle.

Spread the link love

If you already have several blogs, make sure to link them to each other. In addition to linking to yourself everywhere, link to other Zazzlers who blog, and retweet often. When you spread the link love, other people are more likely to respond in kind, so be generous with your linkage and you just may find yourself higher up in the search engine results. If you link to another Zazzler's products, make sure that your Associate ID is attached, so that you'll earn referral credit for any sales made within 45 days after a customer clicks on your link. 

From the Zazzlers 2010 Holiday Newsletter

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